Step 9

What’s next & Continuing your campaign

You have worked hard to engage with your community both in the campaign and application phase of the process. It is really important you continue to take your community on the journey with you once you submit your application. Social media or email newsletters can help ensure you update regularly on progress and feedback on the outcomes of the local consultation and water user survey that you held.

After you have submitted your application publish your document for your community to access. You could use Google Documents for example, and link to it via your Facebook page or an email newsletter. Why not continue with a monthly or quarterly newsletter to your community contacts.

Below are some ideas and milestones that you can promote to your community via social media or a newsletter to keep the conversation going whilst waiting for the decision on your application:

  • Announce that your application has been submitted.
  • When the government agency launches the public consultation on your application, promote the link for your community to respond.
  • If you are conducting water quality testing publish the results to your network.
  • Share the annual bathing water classifications when they are published for sites that are already designated.
  • Share other communities’ posts that are going through the same application process.
  • Share general news relating to water quality.
  • Post information to announce the start and end of the bathing season.

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If your application
is successful

If your application is successful and you receive bathing water designation it is just the start of the journey. There are lots of opportunities to continue momentum throughout your first designated bathing season and beyond.

Here are some ideas on key milestones to share with your community via social media or newsletters:

  • Publish whether or not your application has been approved.
  • Create a press release and send it to local newspapers and any other publications locally or nationally that are relevant.
  • Share other successful applications social media posts.
  • Share the link to the environmental agency’s bathing water profile and the location of where the water quality will be tested.
  • When you receive your first water quality classification share this information.

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