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All of our toolkit materials in one place

Our toolkit stages provide links to the relevant templates and downloads as you progress through your campaign application. Below are all of the materials available to download. For details on how to use these, please visit the toolkit .

These resources are intended as a guide only for you to add to and change to fit your application. Please copy and paste the text into your own documents or emails and update or change where needed.

We will update and add more of these resources as we progress with our support so please check back regularly. If you have any suggestions on new templates that would be useful for us to create please do contact us.

Contact the Community Water Quality Manager at Surfers Against Sewage to support you in your application:

Creating your campaign

Campaign example timeline

Choosing a suitable bathing site

Introduction Letter template

Land owner
meeting agenda

Briefing note

Water company letter template

Water user
survey template

Water user
survey rota

Consultation questionnaire

Final Application checklist

Media tools & resources

Press release template

Download Press pack

Social Media Assets

We’ve created a whole host of banners and messages to help you spread the word about the Protecting Wild Waters campaign and to help share key milestones in your local campaign.

Social page/profile headers
Social post banners

General information

Campaign announcement

Campaign support

Local consultation

Survey volunteers

Application submitted

Application approved

Campaign messages

Speak up for your bathing site and demand designation for the UK’s lakes & rivers and anyone who enjoys them. #ProtectingWildWaters #DemandDesignation

Users of rivers and lakes deserve the same high standard of protection as those who surf, sail and swim at the coast. It’s time to #DemandDesignation. #ProtectingWildWaters

Bathing Water status is crucial in forcing water companies to clean up their act. Protect your swim spot and #DemandDesignation. #EndSewagePollution #SaveOurSeas #SaveOurRivers

Water lover, environmentalist, community member – however you’re connected to your local blue space, you can take the next step needed to shine a light on polluters and water quality by applying for bathing water designation.

Rivers are being shamefully neglected when it comes to legal protection. But more designated river bathing waters will mean water quality must be monitored for harmful bacteria and viruses, and action taken to address this harmful pollution. #endsewagepollution #sewage #saveourseas #saveourrivers #riverpollution #oceanactivists #demanddesignation

Applying for bathing water designation is an important step to ensure your inland or coastal waterway is monitored for bacteria that is harmful to human health. #endsewagepollution #sewage #saveourseas #saveourrivers #riverpollution #oceanactivists #demanddesignation

Useful links & websites

Submission checklist

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