Step 6

Mapping facilities at the bathing site

You will be required to supply information on any facilities at the site that may support and promote bathing. Provide details on facilities such as:

  • How do you access the river or lake
  • Public toilets
  • Changing facilities
  • Parking or public transport
  • Lifeguards
  • First aid service
  • Cafés, shop or kiosks

Tools to demonstrate local facilities in your application

Background on the location

Give some background on the location of the bathing site and the surrounding area. Is it close to a local town? Is the river in an urban or rural setting? Is the lake used by other water sport clubs?

Listing the facilities

List the facilities that are close to the bathing site, including toilets, changing facilities, parking, public transport and cafés.

Mapping the location

Provide maps to show the exact location of the site you are applying for designation. Remember to only apply for the specific stretch of the river or area of lake that swimmers use.

Plot any facilities and significant landmarks on the maps. Also highlight on the map the area where people swim and at which point(s) they access the water. If you are applying for designation for more than one site on the stretch of water remember to plot this on the map too.

Provide grid references of the location.

Photographs of the site

Provide photos of the site to show the stretch of water that you are applying for. Include in your photos the access points to show that the water is easily accessed by people of all abilities.

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